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Котик выжил, а для нэкомантов это главное. Но вообще, - о вреде сенсорных панелей.

A fire broke out at a studio apartment in Busan that police believe was caused by the resident's cat. The cat apparently switched on an induction hob with its paw while the owner was out, Haeundae Police Station said, Thursday.
The fire broke out at 9:15 a.m. Wednesday, burning paper boxes placed on the electric stove. The fire was put out after about 10 minutes when a neighbor called the fire brigade.

The police suspect the cat turned on the stove top, as the owner told them this has happened before.

The cat was rescued unhurt, police said.

Officers said the owner will not face any legal repercussions as the fire did not cause any damage to neighbors.

This is not the first time that pets have accidently turned on electric induction cookers, which are widely used in newly built apartments. Unlike gas stoves, the induction hobs are turned on by touch-sensitive buttons that can also be activated by the paws of a cat or a dog.

Similar accidents happened in Daejeon three times last year, all caused by cats turning on electric stoves while their owners were out.
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