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Ыйса, негодный
A Korean-Canadian man has been arrested for a botched Molotov cocktail attack on the U.S. embassy in Seoul, police said Monday.

The man, in his 30s, reportedly told police the attack was to punish the United States, which "has bullied South Korea and me." He is known to have a mental disorder.

According to Jongno Police Station, which is in charge of the embassy's external security, the man lit a handmade Molotov cocktail just outside the barbed wire fence encircling the embassy and was about to throw the fire bomb over the fence at 7 p.m. Sunday.

But he accidently dropped the Molotov cocktail into a bag filled with nine other Molotov cocktails, and set them all alight. He threw away the burning bag and fled, but was caught by police who rushed to the scene.

Police said the man had made the Molotov cocktails hours before the botched attack using soju bottles he had bought at a convenience store near his home in Sadang, southern Seoul.


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