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ВЧЕРА прочитал, что Делавэрский университет, одно из старейших учебных заведений США, уволил Кэтэрин (Кэтрин, Кэти) Дэттуайлер (Детвайлер, Деттвайлер, Katherine Dettwyler), профессора антропологии, известного в мире популяризатора грудного вскарливания младенцев, и не намерен возобновлять с ней сотрудничество. Причина - её "outrageous" анализ того, что лежит в корне того, что произошло в Пхеньяне с Отто Уормбиером. Она написала: "These are the same kids who cry about their grades because they didn't think they'd really have to read and study the material to get a good grade. His parents ultimately are to blame for his growing up thinking he could get away with whatever he wanted. Maybe in the US, where young, rich, clueless white males routinely get away with raping women. Not so much in North Korea...".

Увольнению предшествовали шквал критики со стороны публики и угрозы убийства. Вот и гадай теперь, где безжалостней люди и режимы...

ОБ увольнении профессора написали все новостные агенства. Довольно подробную заметку можно почитать

Professor fired after saying Otto Warmbier was a 'clueless white male' who 'got what he deserved'
...In a since-deleted Facebook post, Ms Dettwyler reportedly compared Mr Warmbier to her own students who “cry about their grades because they didn’t think they’d really have to read and study the material”. “His parents ultimately are to blame for his growing up thinking he could get away with whatever he wanted,” she continued, according to the Philly Inquirer. “Maybe in the US, where young, white, rich, clueless white males routinely get away with raping women. Not so much in North Korea. Вот про изнасилования я не понял - то ли мадам афрорадфем, то ли не нашла иного сравнения для характерного чувства вседозволенности, которое, как показала статья Стоунфиша, во время тура только  подчеркивалось And of course, it’s Otto’s parents who will pay the price for the rest of their lives.”The professor reportedly doubled down on her stance in comments on a National Review article, writing that some of her students “think nothing of raping drunk girls at frat parties and snorting cocaine, cheating on exams, and threatening professors with physical violence”.

The comments reflect a growing opinion in some circles that Mr Warmbier’s race and social status played a role in his death. “When will we stop and consider that Otto Warmbier ultimately made a deadly choice to travel to North Korea?” reporter Terrell Star tweeted, adding, “Did his privilege blind him from making a deadly choice?”The sentiments echo those expressed in a Huffington Post article written after Mr Warmbier’s sentencing last year, titled, “North Korea Proves Your White Male Privilege Is Not Universal” все хуже, они полезли в теорию привилегий, куда местами записывают даже праворукость или хорошие оценки; а еще налицо выражения типа "The sympathy I see for Otto Warmbier traveling to North Korea is never extended to black people who die in the U.S. from our own government."
Following outcry on social media and several right-wing websites, however, the University quickly distanced themselves from Ms Dettwyler’s comments. “The comments of Katherine Dettwyler do not reflect the values or position of the University of Delaware,” the University said in a statement. “We condemn any and all messages that endorse hatred and convey insensitivity toward a tragic event such as the one that Otto Warmbier and his family suffered.” The University announced on Sunday that they would not be rehiring the professor in the future. ...


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