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TOKYO - Former North Korean spy Kim Hyon-hui said the alleged assassins of the estranged half-brother of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un appeared to be amateurs, the Mainichi newspaper reported on Saturday правда, надо помнить отношение МАККАВИТИ  к этой женщине, в истории которой он совсем не уверен.   Kim Hyon-hui, who bombed a Korean Air jet in 1987 after being trained as a North Korean agent, told the Japanese newspaper in a written interview that it was unthinkable that the women received strict training. "I felt suspicious. They don't seem to have taken strict psychological and physical education and training in North Korea," Kim Hyon-hui told the paper.
A 46-year-old was arrested on Friday evening with documents that identified him as North Korean citizen Ri Jong Chol, a police statement said, making him the first person from the North to be detained over the case.  Pyongyang accused Malaysia of conspiring with its enemies and said it would reject any results of a post-mortem examination carried out by local police, after Malaysia ignored demands to return the remains. "The Malaysian side forced the post-mortem without our permission and witnessing. We will categorically reject the result of the post-mortem conducted unilaterally excluding our attendance," the North Korean ambassador told reporters gathered outside the morgue shortly before midnight on Friday.   но такая обстукция не играет им на руку

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