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Еще подробностей из местной прессы
"Very painful, very painful, I was sprayed liquid" - these were the last words of Kim Jong-nam just before he collapsed after being poisoned by two women at the Kuala Lumpur International Airport 2 (KLIA2).After that, he could only groan.

According to China Press, the estranged half-brother of North Korean leader Kim Jong-un walked about 15m to the airport service counter for help after the attack on Monday on the 4th floor near the departure hall. Citing police sources, the newspaper reported Friday that Jong-nam had a pained expression on his face when he uttered his last few words in English.Service counter staff then stopped auxiliary policemen for help to take the North Korean to the airport clinic on the third floor.

However, he had lost consciousness and the doctor at the clinic deemed the situation serious enough for him to be immediately transferred to Putrajaya Hospital.
he second woman detained for allegedly murdering Kim Jong-nam, the estranged brother of North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, was apparently a divorced woman with a young son. She also had two different identities. Malaysian authorities have identified her as Siti Aisyah, 25, from Serang, Indonesia, based on the passport she was holding when she was arrested.

According to Indonesian news portal Kumparan, based on identification records held by her village in Angke, Jakarta West, she had two separate entries, complete with different photos. In the first one, her name is spelt as "Siti Aisyah," with information saying she was born in Serang, Indonesia, on Feb 11, 1992. In the accompanying picture, her hair is tied in a ponytail. In the second entry, her name was written as "Siti Aisah" and her date of birth is listed as Nov 1, 1989. In this picture, her hair is worn loose.

Kumparan reported that the ID (identification) numbers as well as her occupation on both entries differed. As "Siti Aisyah," she listed her occupation as entrepreneur; as "Siti Aisah," she listed her occupation as housewife.
... Kumparan reported that Siti Aisyah's involvement in Jong-nam's murder began when she was approached by a mysterious man at the nightclub that she worked at in Kuala Lumpur. The man reportedly offered her US$100 (S$142) to carry out the act, which she believed to be a prank. She is said to have accepted the deal because "she needed the money," despite not knowing who Jong-nam or her other accomplices were.
Friends in the Chinese gambling enclave spoke this week of a man who wined and dined in relative freedom, despite what Seoul's spy chiefs say was a "standing order" for his execution, issued by Kim Jong-un.

... People who knew the Jong-nam in Macau painted a picture of a man who often lived with little security and was not overly cautious. "I think it was simply not in his character," one friend told Hong Kong's South China Morning Post, noting that Jong-nam would stay in Macau and overseas without bodyguards. "He had a relaxing life here. Obviously he felt he was protected by China," the friend said.
The two women suspected to have murdered North Korean Kim Jong-nam were apparently living in China for the past three months before their deadly "assignment".

According to a report by China Press, both Siti Aisyah, 25, and Doan Thi Huong, 29, may not be North Korean agents, but were possibly duped by a spy ring to commit the assassination. The two women were said to have stayed in China for between one and three months to get to know a certain male individual. During this time, they also worked as female escorts, reported China Press.

 Siti Aisyah got involved when Doan was asked by the man to find a partner to shoot a prank video. The two women, who knew each other, apparently rehearsed the "spoof" many times and were able to carry out the process proficiently.

The report also said that Siti Aisyah was tasked with using a handkerchief to cover Jong-nam's face while Doan administered an injection.
В сумке гражданки Вьетнама, задержанной в среду, нашли флакон с неизвестным и очень токсичным веществом. По предварительным данным, Ким Чен Нама могли отравить рицином или тотродотоксином, хотя результаты вскрытия тела еще не обнародованы...
...В то же время другая малайзийская газета, «Чжунгбо бао», сообщает со ссылкой на источники в полиции, что задержанные по подозрению в убийстве женщины раньше жили в Китае, где и могли быть завербованы спецслужбами, передает ТАСС.

По данным издания, 25-летняя гражданка Индонезии Сити Айсиа и 29-летняя гражданка Вьетнама Доан Тхи Хуонг находились в Китае от месяца до трех, там они занимались проституцией. Позже гражданка Вьетнама познакомилась со спецагентом, который предложил подыскать еще одну девушку, чтобы они снялись в фильме-розыгрыше. По сценарию, девушки должны были совершить шуточное нападение и отравление мужчины. Айсиа должна была закрыть мужчине лицо носовым платком, партнерша – сделать укол.

Для «съемок в картине» девушки неоднократно инсценировали эту ситуацию, стараясь довести навыки до автоматизма. В итоге на отравление Ким Чен Нама им понадобилось всего пять секунд, как свидетельствуют камеры видеонаблюдения.

При этом, сообщают СМИ, девушки на самом деле могли не знать, что покушение готовится настоящее, а не шуточное. За съемки в постановочном видео им пообещали 100 долларов, сообщила гражданка Индонезии.


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