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А чем можно брызнуть с ТАКИМ постэффектом? Кровь Несса не предлагать....
Kim Jong Un’s half-brother Kim Jong Nam was ambushed by an unidentified woman at the departure hall of Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) on Monday morning, State Police have told local media.

The assailant covered Kim’s face with a damp cloth before fleeing the scene, Selangor State Police Chief Abdul Samah Mat told Sin Chew Daily.

“He told the receptionist at the departure hall that someone had grabbed him from behind and splashed a liquid on his face,” Selangor CID chief Senior Asst Comm Fadzil Ahmat told local outlet The Star.

“He asked for help from the receptionist and was immediately sent to the airport’s clinic. At this point, he was experiencing a headache and on the verge of passing out.”

The North Korean leader’s brother was rushed to a local hospital but died on the way, according to reports. He had been waiting for a 10am flight to Macau, where he is believed to have been living in self-imposed exile.

“The police is still uncertain about the real motive of the case,” he said. “Our investigations are focusing on determining the identities of the suspects and we will handle the case according to the Malaysian laws.”

At 11pm local time, Malaysia’s Royal Police released a press statement saying that a North Korean national, who registration documents identified as Kim Chol, “died enroute to the hospital” after seeking medical assistance at KLIA.

SAC Fadzil also told local media that police had received a request for the body from North Korea’s embassy in Malaysia, but said a post-mortem would have to take place first.

When contacted by NK News earlier in the day, the DPRK embassy denied any knowledge of Kim Jong Nam’s alleged assassination.

Malaysia’s Federal Police force told press earlier in the evening that there was “no sign that suggests Kim was murdered,” and said they would wait for the results of the post-mortem before making any conclusive statements.


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