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No, Alabama lawmaker didn't ask why the state of Georgia was allowed in Rio Olympics

The website U.S. Daily Mail – a site with the slogan "News that Hasn't Happened Yet" – published a story claiming an Alabama State Senator wrote the IOC to complain that the state of Georgia was allowed to compete on its own, obviously mixing up the Southern state with the country of Georgia.

According to the website, Alabama State Senator Fred Q. Calhoun, R-Delbert, Ala., wrote:

"As I was watching last night's Olympic games with my family, I was stunned to see that Georgia was permitted to participate as an independent entity.

"Alabama athletes are among the world's most talented and passionate competitors...  On behalf of the nearly 5 million people who call the Yellow Hammer State home, we request that Alabama be allowed to compete in future Olympic games — just as you've permitted the State of Georgia to do."

The story went on to claim Alabamians were joining in Calhoun's efforts, saying questioning why the "communists" running the Olympics would allow University of Georgia athletes to compete and not those from Alabama.

The bogus story has spread quickly online today and has almost 26,000 Facebook like.
There are some obvious problems with the story, however. There's no Alabama State Senator named Fred Q. Calhoun and there's no place called Delbert, Alabama. And while Alabama lawmakers have been known to do some odd things, there's no letter out there complaining about the U.S. state of Georgia in the Olympics.

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