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про побег из ресторана всплывают подробности?

...Waitresses: Restaurant manager lied

The seven waitresses, presented exclusively to a CNN team in Pyongyang on Monday, are workers from the same Ningbo restaurant, who have since returned to North Korea. This is the first time they have spoken publicly. They claim the restaurant manager tricked the other 12 waitresses into leaving, by lying about their final destination. А теперь вспоминаем новости о том, что персонал сбежал в Полном Составе.

"In mid-March our restaurant manager gathered us together and told us that our restaurant would be moved to somewhere in Southeast Asia," said head waitress Choe Hye Yong. Choe says by the time the manager revealed, only to her, that they would actually be defecting to South Korea, she only had time to "warn" a handful of the waitresses.

"The car was already waiting for us at that time," Choe said as she broke down in tears.

The waitresses in Pyongyang claim their manager, and a South Korean businessman, coordinated the trip under the direction of government authorities in Seoul.

"I think about our colleagues being deceived and dragged to South Korea and facing extreme hardship there," said a sobbing Han Yun Hui. "It tears our hearts."

In response, the South Korean Unification Ministry issued a statement to CNN: "13 defectors voluntarily decided to leave and pushed ahead with the escape without any help from the outside. Following their voluntary request to defect, our government accepted them from a humanitarian point of view."

А еще будто бы South Korean daily Hankyoreh Sinmun quoted the Chinese owner of the restaurant in Ningbo, in eastern Zhejiang province, as saying the manager had stolen more than 1.2 million renminbi ($185,000) from the restaurant, which had a total of 20 North Korean employees.

Понятно, что пока это точка зрения иной стороны, и следим за развитием событий,  но помним и то, как после видео с отцом и иными лицами, знающими Син Дон Хека, пафосная легенда разлетелась в прах.

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