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HANOI, Dec. 21 (Yonhap) -- A Vietnamese court sentenced a Samsung official to three and a half years in prison over a scaffolding collapse that killed 13 workers, the South Korean embassy said Monday.

Another South Korean official of a company that supplies local construction workers was sentenced to three years in prison over the same accident, the embassy said.

The court in the central Ha Tinh Province's handed down the ruling on the two South Koreans.

The Samsung C&T official was charged with violating safety rules while the other South Korean was indicted on charges that he was negligent in managing workers at a construction site of a breakwater in Ha Tinh Province on March 25.

Viet Nam News, an English-language newspaper in Vietnam, has identified the two Koreans as Kim Jong-wook and Lee Jae-myeong.

A technical failure of the hydraulic brake system caused the 20m-high, 40m-long and 35m-wide scaffolding to collapse, killing 13 workers and injuring 29 others, the newspaper said last week, citing investigators.

In Seoul, Samsung C&T, the construction and trading affiliate of South Korea's largest Samsung Group, said it had no immediate comment on Monday evening.


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