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.. и он не приедет...   МОСКВА, 30 апр — РИА Новости. Северокорейский лидер Ким Чен Ын не приедет на Парад Победы в Москву в связи с внутрикорейскими делами, сообщил пресс-секретарь президента РФ Дмитрий Песков."Принял решение остаться в Пхеньяне Ким Чен Ын, он не сможет присутствовать, по дипканалам нам было передано это решение. Связано с внутрикорейскими делами — это его решение", — сказал Песков журналистам.

Отвечая на вопрос, возможны ли какие-либо контакты глав РФ и КНДР в дальнейшем, Песков сказал, что "пока каких-то конкретных планов нет". На вопрос, поступали ли в Кремль какие-то пожелания от других стран по поводу участия в праздничных мероприятиях в Москве северокорейского лидера, Песков ответил, что "нет, конечно, не поступали".

Ранее помощник президента РФ Юрий Ушаков заявлял, что Россия надеется на то, что лидер КНДР выполнит свое обещание приехать на Парад, и не исключил возможности проведения двусторонней встречи президента Владимира Путина с Ким Чен Ыном.

Президент Республики Корея Пак Кын Хе ранее также приняла решение отказаться от поездки в Москву на празднование 70-летия Победы. На необходимости ее поездки в Россию, по данным южнокорейских СМИ, настаивали члены Национальной ассамблеи (парламента) Республики Корея. Возможная встреча в Москве лидеров Северной и Южной Кореи, по их мнению, могла бы стать шагом на пути к налаживанию отношений с КНДР и объединению Корейского полуострова.


MOSCOW/SEOUL, April 30 (Yonhap) -- North Korean leader Kim Jong-un has canceled a trip to Russia next month to mark the 70th anniversary of the end of World War Il due to internal affairs, the Kremlin said Thursday.

"He is not coming. This is related to internal North Korean issues," the Kremlin's spokesman Dmitry Peskov told reporters in Moscow.

A South Korean Foreign Ministry official confirmed that he received the same report through diplomatic channels.

Russia had stated that Kim had accepted its invitation to the May 9 parade to be staged in the capital, while Pyongyang maintained silence.

Peskov said there is no plan for Russia to hold a summit with the communist state in the near future, denying the possibility for a bilateral talk in the coming days after the commemoration event.

He also utterly denied that there was no such request from a third state not to accept Kim's visit.

An abrupt decision by the North dampens expectations that Kim is likely to make a debut on the international stage by making the first overseas trip since taking office in late 2011. The young leader inherited power from his father and late leader Kim Jong-il, who suddenly died in December 2011.

North Korea has increasingly been seeking to promote cooperation with Russia at a time when Pyongyang's ties with China have been strained following the North's nuclear test in 2013.

South Korea's state intelligence agency also said earlier this week that he is highly likely to join the event.

There has been no clear explanation for the cancelation of Kim's visit. A government official in Seoul assumed that Kim may have felt pressured to attend a multilateral meeting to which he has never been in his life.

"He's not even sure how he will be treated," the official added.

Another expert said Kim has likely decided to attend the war commemoration event to be held in China in September, instead of going to Russia, since "Beijing means more to Pyongyang than Moscow."

Kim's visit to Russia has drawn attention in South Korea especially because of the implications it may have on inter-Korean ties. Tensions between the two Koreas have persisted due in large part to North Korea's refusal to denuclearize and its repeated provocations against the South.
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