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В штатах вышла НЕпропагандистская книга о КНДР. Возмущенная рецензия.
Для тех, кто катался по метро - узнаем правду:))))

It was with horror that I read this description of the Hermit Kingdom on the book’s back cover: “The capital city has an excellent subway system. It is decorated with wall paintings and chandeliers.” Before even opening the book it was clear it would be completely unfaithful to what life is like in North Korea.  There are, in fact, just two subway stations that seem to meet this description. They are the only two stations foreigners are ever brought to. North Korean officials claim the whole system looks like this, but it’s impossible to know if any other stations even exist. One foreign visitor was able to escape his minders and tried to make his way into a station never before visited by an outsider. He found it closed. Some North Korea watchers believe parts of the system exist, but none are in use, and that there is just a shuttle that runs between the two show stations while visitors are present, with actors playing the part of busy commuters.

Еще там про голод (два миллиона, а власть потратила все деньги на икру для вождя), про пирамиду (обитатели Пхеньяна, вы знаете, что она без окон и лифтов, правда!?),  и вообще, знаете ли вы, что в школах the only heated room in an entire school is a room dedicated to worshiping the Kim family. Thus the only warmth a child feels all day is while admiring a photo of their Great Leaders.

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