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По наводке Мава и не только,  - Чана записали во фракционеры, что, кстати, куда серьезнее чем ситуация с Ли Ен Хо.

Report on Enlarged Meeting of Political Bureau of Central Committee of WPK.
Pyongyang, December 9 (KCNA) — A report on the enlarged meeting of the Political Bureau of the Central Committee of the Workers' Party of Korea (WPK) was released on December 8.
The following is the full text of the report:
An enlarged meeting of the Political Bureau of the Central Committee of the WPK was held in Pyongyang, the capital of the revolution, on Dec. 8.
Respected Comrade Kim Jong Un, first secretary of the WPK, guided the meeting.
Present there were members and alternate members of the Political Bureau of the Central Committee of the WPK.
Leading officials of the Central Committee of the WPK, provincial party committees and armed forces organs attended it as observers.
Our party members, service personnel and all other people have made energetic efforts to implement the behests of leader Kim Jong Il, entrusting their destiny entirely to Kim Jong Un and getting united close around the Central Committee of the WPK since the demise of Kim Jong Il, the greatest loss to the nation.
In this historic period for carrying forward the revolutionary cause of Juche the chance elements and alien elements who had made their ways into the party committed such anti-party, counter-revolutionary factional acts as expanding their forces through factional moves and daring challenge the party, while attempting to undermine the unitary leadership of the party.

In this connection, the Political Bureau of the C.C., the WPK convened its enlarged meeting and discussed the issue related to the anti-party, counter-revolutionary factional acts committed by Jang Song Thaek
The meeting, to begin with, fully laid bare the anti-party, counter-revolutionary factional acts of Jang Song Thaek and their harmfulness and reactionary nature.
It is the immutable truth proved by the nearly 70-year-long history of the WPK that the party can preserve its revolutionary nature as the party of the leader and fulfill its historic mission only when it firmly ensures its unity and cohesion based on the monolithic idea and the unitary center of leadership.
The entire party, whole army and all people are dynamically advancing toward the final victory in the drive for the building of a thriving nation, meeting all challenges of history and resolutely foiling the desperate moves of the enemies of the revolution under the leadership of Kim Jong Un. Such situation urgently calls for consolidating as firm as a rock the single-minded unity of the party and the revolutionary ranks with Kim Jong Un as its unitary centre and more thoroughly establishing the monolithic leadership system of the party throughout the party and society.
The Jang Song Thaek group, however, committed such anti-party, counter-revolutionary factional acts as gnawing at the unity and cohesion of the party and disturbing the work for establishing the party unitary leadership system and perpetrated such ant-state, unpopular crimes as doing enormous harm to the efforts to build a thriving nation and improve the standard of people's living.
Jang pretended to uphold the party and leader but was engrossed in such factional acts as dreaming different dreams and involving himself in double-dealing behind the scene.

Though he held responsible posts of the party and state thanks to the deep political trust of the party and leader, he committed such perfidious acts as shunning and obstructing in every way the work for holding President Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il in high esteem for all ages, behaving against the elementary sense of moral obligation and conscience as a human being.
Jang desperately worked to form a faction within the party by creating illusion about him and winning those weak in faith and flatterers to his side.
Prompted by his politically-motivated ambition, he tried to increase his force and build his base for realizing it by implanting those who had been punished for their serious wrongs in the past period into ranks of officials of departments of the party central committee and units under them.
Jang and his followers did not sincerely accept the line and policies of the party, the organizational will of the WPK, but deliberately neglected their implementation, distorted them and openly played down the policies of the party. In the end, they made no scruple of perpetrating such counter-revolutionary acts as disobeying the order issued by the supreme commander of the Korean People's Army.
The Jang group weakened the party's guidance over judicial, prosecution and people's security bodies, bringing very harmful consequences to the work for protecting the social system, policies and people.
Such acts are nothing but counter-revolutionary, unpopular criminal acts of giving up the class struggle and paralyzing the function of popular democratic dictatorship, yielding to the offensive of the hostile forces to stifle the DPRK.
Jang seriously obstructed the nation's economic affairs and the improvement of the standard of people's living in violation of the pivot-to-the-Cabinet principle and the Cabinet responsibility principle laid down by the WPK.
The Jang group put under its control the fields and units which play an important role in the nation's economic development and the improvement of people's living in a crafty manner, making it impossible for the economic guidance organs including the Cabinet to perform their roles.
By throwing the state financial management system into confusion and committing such act of treachery as selling off precious resources of the country at cheap prices, the group made it impossible to carry out the behests of Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il on developing the industries of Juche iron, Juche fertilizer and Juche vinalon.
Affected by the capitalist way of living, Jang committed irregularities and corruption and led a dissolute and depraved life.
By abusing his power, he was engrossed in irregularities and corruption, had improper relations with several women and was wined and dined at back parlors of deluxe restaurants.
Ideologically sick and extremely idle and easy-going, he used drugs and squandered foreign currency at casinos while he was receiving medical treatment in a foreign country under the care of the party.
Jang and his followers committed criminal acts baffling imagination and they did tremendous harm to our party and revolution.
The ungrateful criminal acts perpetrated by the group of Jang Song Thaek are lashing our party members, service personnel of the People's Army and people into great fury as it committed such crimes before they observed two-year mourning for Kim Jong Il, eternal general secretary of the WPK.

Speeches were made at the enlarged meeting. Speakers bitterly criticized in unison the anti-party, counter-revolutionary factional acts committed by the Jang group and expressed their firm resolution to remain true to the idea and leadership of Kim Jong Un and devotedly defend the Party Central Committee politically and ideologically and with lives.
The meeting adopted a decision of the Political Bureau of the Party Central Committee on relieving Jang of all posts, depriving him of all titles and expelling him and removing his name from the WPK.
The party served warning to Jang several times and dealt blows at him, watching his group's anti-party, counter-revolutionary factional acts as it has been aware of them from long ago. But it did not pay heed to it but went beyond tolerance limit. That was why the party eliminated Jang and purged his group, unable to remain an onlooker to its acts any longer, dealing telling blows at sectarian acts manifested within the party.
Our party will never pardon anyone challenging its leadership and infringing upon the interests of the state and people in violation of the principle of the revolution, regardless of his or her position and merits.
No matter how mischievously a tiny handful of anti-party, counter-revolutionary factional elements may work, they can never shake the revolutionary faith of all party members, service personnel and people holding Kim Jong Un in high esteem as the unitary centre of unity and unitary centre of leadership.
The discovery and purge of the Jang group, a modern day faction and undesirable elements who happened to worm their ways into our party ranks, made our party and revolutionary ranks purer and helped consolidate our single-minded unity remarkably and advance more dynamically the revolutionary cause of Juche along the road of victory.
No force on earth can deter our party, army and people from dynamically advancing toward a final victory, single-mindedly united around Kim Jong Un under the uplifted banner of great Kimilsungism-Kimjongilism.

До кучи:
ВАУ. Именно так, капслоком. Сегодня КНДР официально сообщила, что дядю КЧЫ - Чан Сонтхэка - вычистили. До этого об этом сообщала ЮК разведка, но в открытых источниках подтверждения были косвенные - в "Нодон синмун" про Чана не было ничего с 7 ноября, фильм, где он раньше появлялся, показали в отцензурированном виде... Но то, что сейчас о чистке сообщили - это совсем новое. Такого в КНДР не было с 1950-х годов, когда судили Пак Хонёна (бывшего главу корейской компартии) и чистили августовских заговорщиков (группа партийной элиты, пытавшаяся в 1956 году свергнуть Ким Ирсена).

Сообщение о вычистке Чана расположено на первой странице газеты (а еще так есть первая фотография КЧЫ в очках), а на второй - песня в его славу "Не надо нам никого, кроме Вас" (дословно - "не знаем никого кроме Вас", 우리는 당신밖에 모른다).

Чан обвинили в "антипартийной, контрреволюционной, фракционерской деятельности" и в отклонении от принципа единомыслия. Чан, кроме того, "лестью" собирал вокруг себя "неопытных людей", и, что интересно, выступал против "системы, имеющей своим центром кабинет министров" (т.е. когда главной структурой в стране является кабмин) и мешал кабмину руководить экономикой. Кроме того, он, конечно был еще и развратником и наркоманом.

Поэтому Чана снимают со всех постов, лишают всех званий и исключают из партии - кстати, ровно через месяц после того, как о нем исчузают упоминания в газетах. Все, конец. С высокой вероятностью его больше нет в живых - случай, повторяю, исключительный.

Вообще КЧЫ по части чисток затмевает не только отца, но даже и деда. Решительный молодой человек. Очень решительный.

Тут вот ЦТАК, официальное информагенство КНДР, только что сообщило миру, что заместитель председателя Государственного комитета обороны КНДР и заведующий орготделом ЦК ТПК Xан Сон-тхэк, оказывается, был развратником, с женщинами спал, разными (как сказано). Ну а вообще он вёл "фракционную, антипартийную, контрреволюционную деятельность" и совершил "антинародные, антигосударственные деяния", за что и понес заслуженное наказание. На первой странице сегодняшней "Нодон синмун" - текст о делах злобного Чана, которым двигало властолюбие и корысть, но которого партия разоблачила.

Из кинохроники его вырезают. Похожим образом вырезали и главгенерала Ли Ён-хо, второго из тройки неудачливых регентов, назначенных в 2010 году Ким Чен Иром чтобы помогать молодому принцу. Допомогались… Впрочем, регенты обычно кончают плохо, работа опасная (принц становится королем, пропитывается чувством собственного величия и начинает злиться на тех, кто им когда-то командовал).

Однако формулировки круты. Крут молодой вождь, ой, крутенёк. Давным-давно не снимали людей с такими формулировками в открытой печати, а ведь в данном случае речь идет о члене Семьи, дяде Высшего Руководителя и, до недавнего времени, втором лице в государстве. А уж текст о гаде на полный разворот первой страницы "Нодон синмун" - вообще никогда не бывало такого.

Итак, Большая Чистка, самая серьезная за полвека, переходит в новую (предсказанную) фазу: разгон старого партийно-государственного аппарата. Сначала руками Чан Сон-тхэка и Чхве Ён-хэ Высший Руководитель убрал Ли Ён-хо и кучу генералов, сейчас – руками Чхве Ён-хэ убирает Чан Сон-тхэка и его окружение. Потом, можно предположить, снесёт весь старый отцовский аппарат (включая и Чхве Ён-хэ) и начнет править по-своему.

Итого, если кратко.
1. ЕМНИП, впервые после времени КИС официально заявлено о существовании антипартийной фракции. Это ОЧЕНЬ серьезно.
2. Набор обвинений весьма интересен, особенно если убрать бытовое разложение и "действия, направленные на создание клики". Тут не только коррупция, но и очень интересный пассаж про торговлю по заниженным ценам. Например...
3. Предполагаю последующее навешивание на Чана всех собак и создание базы для обновления.
3а. В свое время я писал (и как оказалось, был неправ) что решить проблему старой элиты репрессиями и созданием антипартийной группы в КНДР нельзя ибо все - соратники прежнего Кима. Не, молодой генерал на такое пошел - либо его что-то очень сильно достало.
3б. Деятельная натура и стиль дедушки. Еще пара тестовых моментов и уже можно будет делать некоторые выводы о КЧЫ как о человеке, что позволит лучше прогнозировать.
4. Но, кстати, не знаю как насчет сворачивания реформ, а некоторое охлаждение отношений с КНР мной ожидается.


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