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Онлайн-дневник Маккавити

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June 9th, 2019

05:35 pm - Аквариум с пираньями - на смену зенитному собакомету!
Британская бульварная газета Дэйли стар, без указания источников новости и со ссылкой на анонимных комментаторов. Закон Стоунфиша в действии! При этом некоторые российские журналисты уже переделали Дэйли стар в Дэйли миррор и дописали подробностей от себя.

KIM Jong-un has become a real-life Bond villain after executing one of his generals by throwing him into a piranha-filled fish tank. North Korea’s tyrant ordered his death after he was accused of planning a coup.
Kim had a giant fish tank built inside Ryongsong Residence, one of his presidential palaces, after ordering aides to develop new methods of execution.
The victim’s arms and torso were cut open with knives before he was thrown into the tank.
Sources said it was unclear whether the general was killed by the fish, died from his wounds or drowned.Read more...Collapse )

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