April 10th, 2016

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Конференция "Власть и насилие" перенесена на 26-27 мая. Это значит, что у всех желающих (особенно - корееведов!) есть еще возможность подать заявку на участие в конференции с докладом.
Срок подачи заявок - 15 апреля с.г.
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Top 5 myths about North Korea

1. North Korean students and men are forced to have the same haircut

This is one of the most popular questions I get asked about before we've entered North Korea. Although, there have been times where I've been asked this question nearing the end of a tour by tourists who have kept this question to themselves but had the need to finally ask me because of their misunderstanding.

No, North Korean men or students were never and haven't been forced to have the same haircut.

This myth all started from a blog from BBC which was referencing another news article which was referencing another news article which was referencing an unknown source (lol). The quirky and obscureness of the topic helped this story spread through social media which then quickly escalated to other news websites which was basically read by anyone with an Internet connection.Collapse )